Public Authorities Control Board

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All resolutions available below for viewing and duplication were, pursuant to Sections 50 and 51 of the Public Authorities Law, duly approved and enacted by the Public Authorities Control Board (PACB) at the Board’s May 29, 2024 meeting(s). These resolutions are true and correct copies of the approved enacted resolutions and the signatures appearing thereon are hereby certified to be those of the board’s members and/or the member’s legally designated representatives. The Secretary of the PACB maintains custody of all original approved enacted resolutions. As necessary, the PACB Secretary shall make available to any interested parties, affidavits certifying the authenticity of reproduced PACB resolutions retrieved from this website location.

Public Authorities Control Board Officers

Elyse Young, Secretary
Elizabeth Reuss, Assistant Secretary

Meeting Notice

Regular and special meetings will be announced in advance on this site.

Next Meeting Agenda

Next regular meeting agenda will be available one week before the meeting.

NOTE: Projects may be added, amended or withdrawn prior to meeting.


In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, this PACB meeting will be webcast in real time and/or available as an on-demand webcast for up to 30 days after the meeting.

Live Webcast

Links to the live meeting webcast will be placed on this website one hour before the meeting is scheduled to begin.

On-Demand Webcast

On-Demand webcast links are added as soon as available, and remain for 30 days.

To view the May 29, 2024 On-demand webcast, click the link below:

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Approved Resolutions

Note: Approved Resolutions are in PDF format.

May 29, 2024 Meeting

May 29, 2024 Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Empire State Development Corporation

Grants and Loans

Environmental Facilities Corporation


Housing Finance Agency

All Affordable
Small Building Participation Loan Program
Affordable Homeownership Opportunity Program

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Bond Issuance

Long Island Power Authority

Bond Issuance